Item Code: FA56
Item Name: Zoom
  • Plug interlocksystem infinitely variable wall distance.
  • Mount the fastener to the wall, adjust the distance from wall by screwing the middle nut on.
  • Put on the sign and plug the head through the sign into the fastener.
  • Fix the head in the fastener with the allen screw.
  • Especially recommended for the levelling of uneven or slopped walls.
  • Mounting: Plu-interlocksystem with infinitely variable wall distance, to level uneven walls. tamper proof.
  • Material: Gold or Chrome-plated.
  • Wall Distance: 30mm to 45mm.
  • Sign Thickness: Max 20mm.

FZ2027CM 1500CM - CHROME
FZ2027GD 1500GD - GOLD